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BAMCC Timeline | Executive Committee Members | Financial Infomarion

This is a brief timeline of Baitul Aman Mosque and Cultural Centre (BAMCC). People have been offering Salah (prayers) in their respective homes for a long time. However, the need for a masjid (a communal place of worship), became ever so explicit in the early 80’s that people were holding collective prayers in their living rooms. Nonetheless, prayers such as Jummah, Trawih and Eid were practically impossible in peoples houses/flats.

Early 80's Prayers held in people’s houses and flats. Living rooms were used for Tarawih prayer during Ramadan
1985 BGBA is established.
1991 BGBA acquired 1 Cornwall Avenue and held Salah along with other cultural activities. Five daily prayers, Jummah, Trawih and Eid is offered at BGBA venue.
1994 A sub-committee is formed under BGBA leadership to raise funds for a permanent Masjid.

Efforts to unite different areas of E2 were successful. A new organisation called Baitul Aman Mosque and Cultural Centre (BAMCC) is formed.
1996 Some local brothers took initiative to purchase a warehouse in Scepter Road and convert it into a Masjid. (Initiative was unsuccessful due to lack public support).
1998 A disused garage in Braintree Street was identified for the purpose of Masjid. Following intense negotiation with the LBTH council, the land opposite the park was bought (49 Braintree Street).

Free hold of 49 Braintree Street was acquired (using both internal and external funds).

Disputes between competing factions resolved and the local community at large agreed to work together.


A fresh fundraising initiative launched. Guest invitees included Imams, local elders, journalists and the local councillors.

TV appeals. BAMCC undertook two live TV fundraising appeals during Ramadan 2007.

Apr-Aug 2007 Several constitutional amendments were proposed and due passed and ratified by the members at a BGM. New membership was taken according to the amended constitution.
Dec 2007 Special Fundraising Appeal launched during Edid-ul-Adha - £1.00 standing order per month


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