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What is Gift Aid?
We all pay tax on our income, so if you choose to donate to a charity, you have already paid tax on that donation.By choosing to Gift Aid, you are allowing a charity to claim back from the government the tax paid on your donation.

Who is eligible?
You can allow a charity to reclaim the tax on your donations if:
• You are an individual UK taxpayer, and
• The amount of tax that the charity will reclaim does not exceed the amount of tax you have paid in that tax year.

How do I make a donation using Gift Aid?
Simply tick the Gift Aid declaration box when donating online, or let us know that you would like to make a donation using Gift Aid when donating via phone or post.

How much is the tax refund?
The Inland Revenue will give 25p for every £1 that you give as a donation. So if you donate £10, we will recieve £12.50- this is an amazing 25% of your donation. Few people realise that by Gift Aiding it, you are making sure even more of your money is getting to those who need it most.

What if I am a higher rate taxpayer?
The Charity can still be claim back the tax, but only at the basic rate. From April 2004 you will be able to tick a box on your self assessment tax return form nominating your charity to receive the other 20%.

Simply by ticking that box, you are allowing us to get more for your donation from the government.

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