Ramadan Appeal

The Prophet Muhammed (saw) said, "The best charity is that which is given in Ramadan" Narrated by Anas and reported in Sunan Tirmidhi.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone from the Baitul Aman Mosque & Cultural Centre. We are very grateful for your contribution for the building of a permanent Mosque. Over the past two years it has come a long way.

We intend to start the construction work as soon as sufficient fund is available. Now we need your generous donation to raise £2.5m for the work to begin.

This iconic landmark is designed to cater for the diverse needs of the community. Let us seize the opportunity of this blessed month and seek the provisions of the Akhira. Let us spend from the bounties and wealth Allah has blessed us with. Let’s realise this vision. Invest in the hereafter

ABU BAKR SIDDIQUE (RA) Gate a unique way to donate. There will be a gate at the main entrance of the proposed masjid named after beloved Sahaba, Abu Bakr (ra) Gate. There will be two magnificent Du'a stones on eithers sides of the Abu Bakr (ra) Gate to remember and acknowledge donors who pay £1000 pounds or more. The name of the donor, of a deceased family member or a loved one will placed on the Du'a stones. Space for 1000 donor names will be available.

Please watch our appeal in Channel S, 814 on 12th August 2011 and donate generously for the sake of Allah.

Donation Hotline: 0208 523 1666
Studio Line: 0208 523 4111
Mosque Line: 020 8983 3409

Donate generiously!



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