This is a brief timeline of Baitul Aman Mosque and Cultural Centre (BAMCC). The local community had always felt the need for a Masjid in the area. People have been praying in their respective homes, whilst the demand for a masjid increased enormously in the 80’s: people were crowding in living rooms to do Tarawih, with much difficulty. .

Early 80s

Prayers held in people’s houses and flats. Living rooms were used for Tarawih prayer during Ramadan (Burns House, E2)


Bethnal Green Islamic Association established to promote cultural activities but quickly changed name to Bethnal Green Bangali Association (BGBA) due to racism.


BGBA acquired 1 Cornwall Avenue and held Salah along with other cultural activities. Five daily prayers, Jummah, Trawih and Eid is offered at BGBA venue.


A sub-committee (known as BGBA Mosque Sub-committee) is formed to raise funds for a permanent Masjid.


Following a consultation between the residents of E1 and E2, a new organisation was founded: ‘Baitul Aman Mosque and Cultural Centre’ (BAMCC).


A disused scrap yard in Braintree Street was identified for the purpose of Masjid. Following negotiation with the LBTH council, the land was bought (49 Baintree Street).


New porta cabins installed. Salah and all other activities continued.


Freehold of 49 Braintree Street was acquired.


A large public meeting called to unite local people and work together.


A fresh fundraising initiative launched. Guest invitees included Imams, local elders, journalists and the local councillors. TV appeals: BAMCC embark on two live TV fundraising appeals during Ramadan 2007.Various Fundraising Initiatives undertaken; £1.00 standing order per month appeal launched during Eid-ul-Adha .


Construction Work for the purpose built masjid begins on 49 Braintree Street site. Construction Work for the purpose built masjid begins on 49 Braintree Street site. Masjid removed to a temporary porta cabin during construction work.


Ground floor work completed. Salah resumes at the new mosque. Opening of BAMCC: Imam of Masjid Qiblatayn inaugurated the new masjid along with guest Imams from mosque’s in London.