Ibn Al-Khattab Wall

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Wall is an exciting new fundraising initiative from Baitul Aman Mosque and Cultural Centre (BAMCC). BAMCC offers an unique opportunity for you to become a founding donor of this Wall, and become a part of the legacy of the mosque. The wall is located in the main foyer of the mosque – taking centre stage and prominence of the buiding.

You can have your name as the donor; your family name; a deceased family member; a loved one or the name of an organisation of your choice.

£3,000 – CENTRAL PLATE: Where Enlarged names will displayed.

£1,000 – SIDE PLATES: Where donor names will be displayed.

Please note that only donors who have donated the amounts of £1,000 or £3,000 will have their names displayed (subject to available space on our donor wall). Please get in touch with BAMCC for any further questions around this.


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