Children’s Programs

In the name of Allāh the Most Gracious the Extremely Merciful

Evening Madrasah

Baitul Amān Evening Madrasah is a project of Baitul Amān Mosque and Cultural Centre. It is composed of a group of properly qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping our children excel in their Islamic studies alongside their academic pursuits.

We aim to instil the love of Islam and the Qurʿān within all our children: They should be confident Muslims who are proud of their faith and their heritage while being productive members of our community.

Our teachers will work in collaboration with parents and carers in order to ensure that all our children are able to recite the Qurʿān with tajwīd, memorise masnūn duʿā, have sound understanding of the core principles of Islam, understand the basic rulings related to salāh, fasting, hājj, zakah, halāl and harām, social interaction and rights and responsibilities. We will seek to develop good adāb and akhlāq and instil love of the Prophet Muhammad {peace and blessings be upon him}.

Our curriculum aims to teach all the essentials of our faith. To provide sufficient knowledge in order to perform farā-id duties. Detailed below are some of our core curricular topics;

1. Qurʿān

  • Recitation with fluency
  • Understanding and implementation of the rules of tajwīd
  • Memorisation of select suwar from the Qurʿān
  • Appreciate the meaning of many suwar and ayāt
  • Adāb and akhlaq of interacting with the qurʿān

2. Islamic Studies

  • Articles {pillars} of faith
  • Tawhīd and the attributes of Allāh
  • Angels, Prophets and the divine scriptures
  • Events of the grave and the life after death
  • Jannah and Jahannām

3. Duʿā

4. Sīrah and History

  • Lessons from the life of the Prophet Muhammad {saw}, stories of the prophets and the lives of the ṣaḥaba and scholars.
  • History of the 4 caliphs and imams

5. Fiqh

  • How to pray
  • Essentials of ḥajj, zakah and fasting
  • Principles of halāl and harām
  • Sunnah Vs bidʿah

6. Morals and Manners

The Prophet (saw) said, “the nearest of you to me on the Day of Judgement will be the one who is best in character.”

  • Character of the Prophet {saw} – behaviour and speech
  • How to interact with parents, teachers, family members, Muslims and non Muslims

7. Society

  • Importance of daʿwah
  • Understanding other faiths and people of no faith
  • Rights and responsibilities as Muslim citizens of the UK

The Evening Madrasah and its activities are governed by members of the Baitul Amān Mosque education team, though its daily operation is overseen by the teachers under the supervision of the Principle;    

Mufti Abbas Mahmood Kaptai {teacher and principal}

Abbas Mahmood has completed Fadhil Course at Darul Ulūm London and Ifta course in Jamia Islamia Azaadvil Madrasha in South Africa.

Mawlana Muhammed Ali {teacher}

Imam Ali has completed Fadhil course in Darul Ulūm London and is a regular khatīb in tower Hamlets.

Mawlana Md Anwar Hussain {teacher}

Mawlana Anwar is a hāfidth of the Qurʿān and is regular imam at Baitul Amān Mosque and Cultural Centre.

5.00pm-6.15pm 6.15pm-6.30pm 6.30pm-7.00pm
Quran/Qā-idah masnūn duʿā, Memorisation Islamic Studies/Arabic


A £10 admission fee applies to all applicants. Cost of 1 child is £350.00 per year. Payment can be made in one of two routes;

[i] Full payment of £350 at the start of the academic year

[ii] Payment in three instalments as outlined below

  • 1st instalment: £150.00 to be paid week beginning first quarter.
  • 2nd instalment: £100.00 to be paid week beginning second quarter
  • 3rd instalment: £100.00 to be paid week beginning third quarter.

For those parents/carers sending three or more children at any given time there is a discounted fee of £300 per child per annum. Failure to keep up with fee payments may lead to your child losing his/her place at the Evening Madrasah.