Wall Concept

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Wall is an exciting new fundraising initiative from Baitul Aman Mosque and Cultural Centre (BAMCC). BAMCC offers an unique opportunity for you to become a founding donor of this Wall, and become a part of the legacy of the mosque.
The wall is located in the main foyer of the mosque – taking centre stage and prominence of the buiding. You can have your name as the donor; your family name; a deceased family member; a loved one or the name of an organisation of your choice.

£3,000 – CENTRAL PLATE: Where Enlarged names will displayed.

£1,000 – SIDE PLATES: Where donor names will be displayed

Why become a ‘founder-donor’?

  1. Fundraise to make this House of Allah debt free.
  2. Leave behind a timeless legacy and engrave your name in the mosque’s history.
  3. Complete the unfinished work on the first floor of the building.

Tips on how to raise £1,000 and become a ‘founder-donor’?

  1. Set-up a standing order of either: £83 over 1 year, £42 over 2 years or £28 over 3 years
  2. Get your family involved! Divide your £1,000 target between each family members and get each member to reach their target amount
  3. Inspire and appeal to your friends and relatives to support you to achieve your target
  4. Appear and announce your donation on Live Channel S Ramadan Special on Monday 13th May 2019. Inspire all your contacts to call in!

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